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Fix iPhone iMessages not Syncing On Mac 

As a Apple user, we love to use imessage app without using any other apps like messenger or whatsapp. Because imessage helps to keep in touch with our family and friends.You can use iMessage from mac also.But sometime we get like imessage not syncing on mac error  It means your iphone message are not sync on your Mac.This is a common problem,  ans lets see hwhe you update to new iOS version. Overcoming this problem, there are few ways to fix this issue. You can follow this guideline to fix this issue.

Check iMessage setting on iPhone,

You need to check iMessage setting on iPhone, to test it, go to Setting App on iMessage and tap on Message and Send & Receive > Under “YOU CAN BE REACHED BY IMESSAGE AT” >, in there, your mobile number and Email address should be there. And also check mark should in front of it.

Check your apple account details.

You can use this URL and login to apple account. Under account, your phone number and email should be there.

Turn off and on again iMessages.

On iPhone, you can go to the settings app and go to Message and tap on Toggle to turn it off, after a few seconds you can tap again to turn it back on,
On Mac go to Messages app > Preferences > Accounts > Click Sign Out > Now use your login details and log in again.

Make sure to log in with the same user details on Mac.

On a mac, Go to message app > Preferences > accounts Click Enable this account > Select the email address, and you have registered with the Apple ID.
All of the above four methods helps you to solve message not syncing on mac issue. If this helps. Let us know which methods work for you. if we found any other ways, we will share with the next article
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